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Dark mysteries and unusual crime lurk behind every corner, from Baker Street to the West End.

There's no one better, in all of Victorian England, than the Master Detective SHERLOCK HOLMES, to sort through the sordid details.
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0. Further Crossovers of Sherlock Holmes
Richard Dean Starr, E.R. Bower, Patricia Barletta, Julie Barrett, Matthew V. Clemens, Bill Crider, David Stuart Davies, Martin Gately, David gerrold, Greg Gick, Nancy Holder, Jean Rabe, Bradley H. Sinor, Timothy Lantz
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0. Sherlock Holmes & Domino Lady tpb
Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash, Mike Fyles, James Chambers, Scott P. Vaughn, James Brown, Reno Maniquis, Nick Diaz, Matt Ross, Kori Zick
In Stock!
0. Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama HC
Adam Lance Garcia, Mike Fyles. Hardcover edition has exclusive illustrations by Mike Fyles! 120pgs.
In Stock!

0. Sherlock Holmes Green Lama: Heir Apparent sc
Adam Lance Garcia, Mike Fyles
In Stock!
The ONE OF A KIND item has the original printer's proof sent for approvals to the publisher. It contains the one sheet color cover with crop marks, and the loose interior pages!
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0. The Kolchak Collection (audio)
Jeff Rice, CJ Henderson, Joe Gentile four audiobook novels in one collection! 15 Cd's! read by Johnny Heller.
Sold Out

00. Holmes-Kolchak graphic novel exclusive HC
The original HC has long been out of print, so now comes this new cover, more exclusive, and more affordable version! Joe Gentile, Carlos Magno, Andy Bennett, Eddy Newell, David Bryant, Ken Wolak
Sold Out
00. Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak: "Cry for Thunder" HC novel RARE
ONLY SIX EVER MADE! SUPER rare item! Each one signed and numbered by author! These 6 printer oddities copies can ONLY be found here! Joe Gentile, Eddy Newell
Sold Out
00. Sherlock Holmes- Kolchak: Cry for Thunder sc
Joe Gentile, Doug Klauba
In Stock!

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Featured Items
01. Domino Lady magnet
01. Domino Lady magnet
2" x 3" magnet
$3.50  $2.75
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0. The Avenger double feature
0. The Avenger double feature
Bobby Nash, Chuck Miller, Lucas Durham
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