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Former District Attorney Anthony Quinn is unhappy about all the criminals who slip through the law's net on legal technicalities, and decides to work outside the law in another persona to bring them to justice.

Blinded by acid, all of his other senses are sharpened to a fine chrstal clear sharp clarity.
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01. Black Bat magnet
2" x 3" magnet
$3.50  $2.75
In Stock!
011. The Black Bat Returns
Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Adam L. Garcia, Colin B. Harvey, Sean Taylor, James Palmer, David Boop, David White, Josh Vogt, Mike Fyles
In Stock!
012. The Black Bat Returns HC
MOONSTONEBOOKS.com EXCLUSIVE! You can only get this here! :) SUPER LIMITED edition! Same contents as the sc, but with a new cover by Mike Fyles and high grade paper stock!
In Stock!

013. The Black Bat - Moonstone Exclusive HC
This is an exclusive Moonstonebooks.com hardcover edition! Mike Bullock, Michael Metcalf, Fernando Peniche, Tom Grinberg
In Stock!
057. Day of the Destroyers sc
Ron Fortier, Adam Lance Garcia, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop, Eric Fein, Tommy Hancock, Aaron Shaps, Joe Gentile, Fernando Ferreiro
In Stock!
058. Day of the Destroyers hc
Edited by Gary Phillips
Sold Out

064. Return of the Monsters: BLACK BAT vs Dracula
Mike Bullock, Eric Johns, Dan Brereton
$3.99  $1.99
In Stock!
065. The Black Bat GN
Mike Bullock, Michael Metcalf, Tom Grindberg
$8.99  $6.99
Sold Out
073. Battle for L.A. (sc)
Prose and illustrations: CJ Henderson, Mark Sparacio
$9.95  $6.99
In Stock!

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Featured Items
017. The Phantom Chronicles 2 LTD HC
017. The Phantom Chronicles 2 LTD HC
PROSE: Harlan Ellison,Ed Gorman,Robin W Bailey,Mike Bullock,Tom DeFalco,Win Scott Eckert,J Gentile, Mark Justice,M Baugh,Jeff Mariotte,Joe McKinney,Nate Meyer,Will Murray,CJ Henderson,A Shaps,Ed Rhoades,M Romanoski,Stephen Bryant,S Mohapatra.
$37.99  $24.99
In Stock!

0. Lone Ranger and Tonto: Frontier Justice sc
0. Lone Ranger and Tonto: Frontier Justice sc
Troy D. Smith, Matthew Baugh, Frank Schlidiner, Chuck Dixon, Joe Gentile, Richard Dean Starr, Tim Lasiuta, Bill Crider, Johnny Boggs, Win Scott Eckert, Thom Brannan, Alex Innocenti
In Stock!