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Zombies, Spies, and the Wild West!

VAMPIRE the Masquerade
stories based on the White Wolf game Vampire the Masquerade

Horror Fiction
Monster-themed horror prose fiction
Vampire, PA.
Vampires in suburbia? Dean Marklin didn’t think so. In fact, he didn’t believe in vampires at all. Then he met one.

KOLCHAK: the Night Stalker
reluctant paranormal investigator
WEREWOLF the Apocalypse
Werewolf the Apocalypse

Moonstone Monsters
Moonstone Monsters
Werewolves: Call of the Wild
muder, revenge....werewolves!

undead woman who will stop at nothing to avenge herself
Zombie Proof
Place an ad int he phone book for "Zombie Proofing", and see who shows up.

Return of the Monsters
Return of the Monsters
New stories of classic pulp heroes battling classic monsters!
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Featured Items
Foxy Lady #1A
Foxy Lady #1A
Mel Odom, Javier Sanchez Aranda, David Enebral
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0. The Green Ghost: Declassified sc
0. The Green Ghost: Declassified sc
Win Scott Eckert, Eric Fein, David Niehaus, Malcolm McClinton
Sold Out