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The DOMINO LADY, a masked crime fighter who fights corruption in 1930s Los Angeles,
is the secret identity of Ellen Patrick, a sexy blonde Berkeley grad bent on avenging the
death of her father.
The tales are lurid, noir and saucy by nature- mixed with extreme melodrama!
Titles and Issues
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055. The Avenger: Roaring Heart hc
Nancy Holder, Joe Gentile, Matthew Baugh, James Chambers, Greg Cox, Win Scott Eckert, CJ Henderson, Michael May, Matthew Mayo, Will Murray, Bobby Nash, Mel Odom, Barry Reese, Chris Sequeira, John Small, David White, Jay Piscopo
In Stock!
056. Return of the Monsters: DOMINO LADY vs Mummy
Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash, Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, Dan Brereton
$3.99  $1.79
In Stock!
073. Battle for L.A. (sc)
Prose and illustrations: CJ Henderson, Mark Sparacio
$9.95  $5.99
In Stock!

075. Phantom: Double Shot KGB Noir #5
Mike Bullock, Nancy Holder, Fernando Peniche, Alonso Nunez
$2.99  $1.49
In Stock!
36. Phases of the Moon tpb
The final conclusion of the serial killer saga starring: Kolchak, SHEENA, Capt Action, and Domino Lady! PLUS extra features: a brand new Buckaroo Banzai story and an additional Kolchak ending story!
$12.99  $9.99
Sold Out
413. Domino Lady: Noir
Nancy Holder, Shawn Van Briesen, Mark Stegbauer, Michael J. Williams
$3.50  $0.99
Sold Out

414. Sex, Lies, & Private Eyes: prose anthology
noir prose anthology- M W. Barr, Barbara Collins & Max Collins, Carole N Douglas,Eric Fein, Steven Grant, CJ Henderson, Stuart M. Kaminsky, J Lutz, K. G. McAbee, C Matthews, G Phillps, R J. Randisi, A Tantimedh, K Van Hook, F Van Vliet
In Stock!
5062. DOMINO LADY 6-pack!
contains one copy of Domino Lady #1-5, plus the Noir special!
$22.94  $13.99
Sold Out
57. Phases of the Moon #2
Mark Rahner, Glen Fernandez, Matt Hebb, Thad Rhodes, Brittany Jackson...starring KOLCHAk
$2.50  $0.99
In Stock!

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Featured Items
0. Gentlemen Prefer Domino Lady
0. Gentlemen Prefer Domino Lady
all new prose! David Boop, Kim Perisin, Nancy Holder, Matthew Baugh, Chuck Miller, Bobby Nash, Adam Lance Garcia, Gene Moyers, Taylor Grant, Win Scott Eckert, Josh Vogt, Alex Innocenti
In Stock!

0. The Avenger: Double Feature 2 sc
0. The Avenger: Double Feature 2 sc
PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE. This is a MOONSTONEBOOKS.com exclusive!! 2 brand new Avenger tales by Matthew Baugh and Mark Justice. Cover art by Malcolm Mclinton. 186pgs.
In Stock!