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Horror  >  Kolchak: the Night Stalker
Before the X-Files, Carl KOLCHAK was TV's first paranormal investigator, albeit a reluctant one.
A dogged reporter who will seek the truth, no matter the cost.
His "everyman" qualities, as well as his wit and charm, keep us rooting for him every time.
Titles and Issues
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006. Partners in Crime Audiobook
Great version of this team up novel, please go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fionathraille
Sold Out
049. Kolchak: Grave Secrets novel
Mark Dawidziak. VERY rare find of a long out of print book! first printing.
In Stock!
050: Kolchak the Night Stalker: the original novel HC
Jeff Rice. The original novel in a HC version long thought out of print! Rare warehouse find! Very limited supply!
In Stock!
051. Kolchak the Night Stalker original novel
Jeff Rice. The original novel that started it all...1993 printing...long out of print!
In Stock!
052. Kolchak: Necromonicon
Limited edition color hardcover: reprints Lovecraftian Horror, Locraft Damnation, PLUS ADDS the new prequel -Lovecraft Gambit! VERY limited supply!
Sold Out
053. Kolchak: The Lost World
C.J. Henderson, Doug Klauba
In Stock!
054. Kolchak Files #3 (A)
Chris Mills, Jaime Martinez, Jason Jensen, Woodrow Hinton III
In Stock!
055. Kolchak Files #3 (B)
Limited Edition: Chris Mills, Jaime Martinez, Jason Jensen, Dave Ulanksi, Ken Wolak
In Stock!
056. Kolchak: Big Book of
Collects the first 2 out of print Tpb's in one book! C.J. Henderson, Stuart M. Kaminsky, Stefan Petrucha, Doug Klauba, Cortney Skinner, Dennis Calero
$16.99  $9.99
In Stock!
057. Kolchak the Night Stalker Compendium
hardcover combination of both Chronicles and Casebook anthologies!
In Stock!
095. Kolchak Keychain
$12.00  $7.99
In Stock!
096. Kolchak pin
color metal pin with backer
In Stock!
Featured Items
049. The Green Lama: Unbound
049. The Green Lama: Unbound
Adam Lance Garcia, Mike Fyles
In Stock!

1.Doc Savage: The Frightened Fish HC
1.Doc Savage: The Frightened Fish HC
Kenneth Robeson, Will Murray, Doug Klauba. Will Murray's first Doc novel back in print!
In Stock!


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