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To the outside world, this man, seemingly immortal, has always worn the mask.
As the legend grew, it transcended the life of any one mortal.
And that legend became THE PHANTOM!

High adventure and intrigue in the African jungle, on the high seas, and in the streets!
There is always justice that needs to be served
Titles and Issues
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000. Domino LAdy" Sex as a Weapon sc 2nd pr
PROSE: Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon SC-(UJ)-Nancy Holder, Chuck Dixon,James Chambers, Martin Powell,CJ Henderson, Gail McCabee,Ron Fortier,& Bobby Nash,Uwe Jarling
In Stock!
009. The Phantom Chronicles softcover
PROSE: C S Gardner, J Alexander, David Bishop, M Bullock, R Fortier,R D Starr, Clay & Susan Griffith, CJ Henderson, N Kilpatrick, D Michelinie, W Murray, M Oliveri, M Powell, Ed Rhoades, T Robbins,D Wickline, D Klauba
In Stock!
010. PHANTOM KGB Noir 6-pack
contains one copy of each of the six issue mini series!
Sold Out
011. Ghost Skull can holder
Ghost Skull image on both sides of a black can holder!
$5.00  $0.99
In Stock!
012. Phantom-Capt. Action LTD HC
THIS WILL NEVER BE OFFERED AS A SOFT COVER! Mike Bullock, Reno Maniquis, Bob Pedroza, Mark Sparacio
In Stock!
013. The Phantom Generations TPB
prose and illustrations: Tom DeFalco, Ban Raab, Pat Quinn, Gordon Purcell, Mike Bullock, Tony Isabella
In Stock!
014. The Phantom: Guardian of the Eastern dark TPB
Mike Bullock, Silvestre Szilagyi, Fernado Peniche, Bob Pedroza, Michael Stribling
In Stock!
015. The Phantom: KGB Noir TPB
Mike Bullock, Fernando Peniche, E.M. Gist
In Stock!
016. The Phantom Chronicles 2
PROSE: Harlan Ellison, Ed Gorman, Robin Wayne Bailey, Mike Bullock, Tom DeFalco, Win Scott Eckert, Joe Gentile, Mark Justice, Jeff Mariotte, Joe McKinney, Nate Meyer, Will Murray, Matthew Baugh, CJ Henderson, Aaron Shaps, Doug Klauba, Stephen Bryant
In Stock!
017. The Phantom Chronicles 2 LTD HC
PROSE: Harlan Ellison,Ed Gorman,Robin W Bailey,Mike Bullock,Tom DeFalco,Win Scott Eckert,J Gentile, Mark Justice,M Baugh,Jeff Mariotte,Joe McKinney,Nate Meyer,Will Murray,CJ Henderson,A Shaps,Ed Rhoades,M Romanoski,Stephen Bryant,S Mohapatra.
In Stock!
018. The Phantom: Legacy and the Law
Ben Raab, Joe Gentile, Pat Quinn, Paul Guinan, Art Lyon
In Stock!
019. The Phantom: Checkmate TPB
Mike Bullock, Silvestre Szilagyi, Bob Pedroza, Doug Klauba
In Stock!
020. The Phantom: The Man Who Cannot Die TPB
Mike Bullock, Carlos Magno, Silvestre Szilagyi, Douglas Klauba
In Stock!
021. The Phantom TPB: Jungle Action
The Phantom: Jungle Action TPB- Rafael Nieves, Ben Raab, Chuck Dixon,Jerry DeCaire, Pat Quinn, EricJ, Tom Mason, Art Lyon, Joe Bucco, Ken Wolak, Marat Mychaels
In Stock!
022. The Phantom TPB: Death in the Deep Woods
The Phantom: Death in the Deep Woods TPB- Ben Raab, Pat Quinn, Nick Derington, Ken Wolak, Dave McCaig
In Stock!
Featured Items
84. Airboy: Dangerous Liaisons TPB
84. Airboy: Dangerous Liaisons TPB
Chuck Dixon, Tom DeFalco, Lito Fernandez, Oscar Celestini, Tom Grindberg, Giovanni Timpano, Jeff Limke
$19.95  $12.99
In Stock!

057. Day of the Destroyers sc
057. Day of the Destroyers sc
Ron Fortier, Adam Lance Garcia, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop, Eric Fein, Tommy Hancock, Aaron Shaps, Joe Gentile, Fernando Ferreiro
In Stock!


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