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Twilight Crusade: Wolf #1
Twilight Crusade: Wolf #1- Grant Sauve, Andy B, Timothy Lantz
$3.99  $0.99
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Werewolf the Apocalypse: Bone Gnawers
Werewolf the Apocalypse: Bone Gnawers- Joe Gentile, Steve Ellis, Paul Mounts, Drew Tucker
$5.95  $0.99
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Werewolf: Call of the Wild: #2
Werewolf: Call of the Wild: #2- Mike Oliveri, Joe Bucco
$3.50  $0.99
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Zeroids #1B
Aaron Shaps, Robert Castro, Craig Henderson, Jason Jensen, Mark Sparacio
$3.99  $0.99
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Featured Items
049. The Green Lama: Unbound
049. The Green Lama: Unbound
THIS IS PREORDER ITEM-the book will arrive late Feb '15. If you order this preorder, you will be billed at the time of ordering. Thank you. Adam Lance Garcia, Mike Fyles
In Stock!

052. Of Monsters and Men HC
052. Of Monsters and Men HC
new comics and prose stories of pulp heroes: The Green Lama, Moon Man, The Green Ghost, Golden Amazon, Richard Knight, Captain Future and more! HC bonus: 90pgs of Domino Lady, Phantom Detective, and The Black Bat!
In Stock!


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