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Return of the Monsters
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053. Return of the Monsters: body bag
All four books for one low price! Spider/Werewolf, Phantom Detective/Frankenstein, /Domino Lady/Mummy, Black Bat/Dracula
$15.96  $12.00
In Stock!

054. Return of the Monsters: Phantom Detective/Frankenstein
Aaron Shaps, Jay Piscopo, Dan Brereton
$3.99  $1.99
In Stock!

055. Of Monsters and Men sc
New comic and prose stories of pulp characters: The Green Lama, Moon Man, The Green Ghost, Richard Knight, Captain Future, Golden Amazon, and more!
In Stock!

056. Of Monsters and Men HC
new comics and prose stories of pulp heroes: The Green Lama, Moon Man, The Green Ghost, Golden Amazon, Richard Knight, Captain Future and more! HC bonus: 90pgs of Domino Lady, Phantom Detective, and The Black Bat!
In Stock!

056. Return of the Monsters: DOMINO LADY vs Mummy
Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash, Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, Dan Brereton
$3.99  $1.99
In Stock!

064. Return of the Monsters: BLACK BAT vs Dracula
Mike Bullock, Eric Johns, Dan Brereton
$3.99  $1.99
In Stock!

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