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Thriller  >  Heap, the
Europe, 1940: The twilight of magic and the first steps of modern science as we know it.
Hitler’s Nazi party sweeps across Europe as the last creatures of myth and magic feed off of mortal suffering.
It is time for Midgard’s last defender to arise.
What is it?
Why is it doing this?
When will it come for me?
These are questions that the wicked will ask themselves.
Questions that only can be answered by THE HEAP!
Titles and Issues
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87. The Heap #1
Charles Knauf, Sami Kivela, Renato Guerra, Mark Maddox
$3.99  $1.99
In Stock!
88. The Heap #1B
Charles Knauf, Sami Kivela, Renato Guerra, Mark Maddox, Limited Edition
$4.50  $1.99
In Stock!
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