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Pulp Heroes: The Originals
Better than ever...accept no substitutes!
All of those great ideas for those great characters you know...came from somewhere. THESE are the characters that inspired all that came after them! So, before there was horn-head, shell-head, a web-slinging dude, a guy who wears a skull on his chest, or even before that rich guy who dresses as that rodent from the night....there was THE ORIGINALS!

There will be 5 on-going titles that each feature two characters in ALL NEW comic stories!
BLACK BAT is written by Mike Bullock with art by Michael Metcalf and will co-feature DEATH ANGEL by the same creative team!
PHANTOM DETECTIVE is written by Aaron Shaps with art by Danillo Guida.
SECRET AGENT X is written by Mel Odom with art by Robert Geronimo.
The SPIDER is written by Martin Powell with art by Pablo Marcos and will co-feature OPERATOR#5 written by Gary Phillips with art by Roberto Castro.
ROCKETMAN will be written by James Kuhoric with art by Hannibal King.

The following is a list of other characters that will rotate through some of the titles, as well as appear in other Moonstone publications:
OPERATOR 5 by Gary Phillips
CAPTAIN SATAN by Dan Brereton
GREEN LAMA written by Mike W. Barr
G8 will be written by Chuck Dixon and Shannon Denton.
GREEN GHOST written by Win Scott Eckert and Eric Fein with art by David Niehaus
MOON MAN will be written by Elizabeth Massie with art by Cortney Skinner.
KI-GOR will be written by Martin Powell with art by Tom Floyd.
I.V. FROST will be written by Ron Fortier with art by Jake Minor.
SECRET 6 will be written by Will Murray.
CAPTAIN FUTURE will be written by Mike Bullock with art by Norm Landing.
SKULL KILLER will be written by Jai Nitz with art by Christopher Jones.
GOLDEN AMAZON will be written by Howard Hopkins.
GLADIATOR will be written by Mike Bullock and Josh Aitken.
CAPTAIN ZERO will be written by Mark Ellis
DECIMATOR SMITH will be written by Gary Phillips.
Titles and Issues
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The Green Ghost
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The Green Lama
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The Phantom Detective
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the Secret 6
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Featured Items
049. The Green Lama: Unbound
049. The Green Lama: Unbound
THIS IS PREORDER ITEM-the book will arrive late Feb '15. If you order this preorder, you will be billed at the time of ordering. Thank you. Adam Lance Garcia, Mike Fyles
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001. Buckaroo Banzai tpb2
001. Buckaroo Banzai tpb2
Earl Mac Rauch, Chew Chan, Shawn Van Briesen, Ken Wolak, Matt Haley
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