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The grittiest investigator of all time is back in noir action to undue his greatest case - and destroy his own reputation! Learning that was used to destroy a man, the former San Francisco legend called Pat Novak comes out of his retirement to chase down the truth. He'll go anywhere: from dangerous back alleys, deadly mobster hangouts, even castles of the ultra powerful and boudoirs of the ultra rich. No stone will be left unturned

It's one two-fisted enacious old man against the world - and don't bet on the world.

48pgs, b/w, $4.95
Slick story and dialogue by crime writing master STEVEN GRANT and
gorgeous cinematic art by master story teller TOM MANDRAKE!
Available Now!!! ... Click here to shop!
Look for more Pat Novak in Partners in Crime the Moonstone Noir character team-up illustrated novel, as well as the Sex, Lies, and Private Eyes crime fiction prose anthology!

Credit: Erik Enervold

Credit: craig White
Pat Novak page 2
Credit: Tom Mandrake
Pat Novak page 4
Credit: Tom Mandrake
Pat Novak page 2
Credit: Tom Mandrake
Pat Novak page 4
Credit: Tom Mandrake

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