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"I liked the premise here, the writing, and the art. I think that the take on the mummy is somewhat new, and that there is a great deal left in this world that I want to see."
-Alex Ness/
A team of brilliant scientists have unwittingly unlocked the secret to eternal life. There's just one catch, you have to die first.

Vengeance of the Mummy!

Scientist Jenna Andersen is no longer alive, but she’s not quite dead either. Once the member of a three-person research team whose nanotech bandages held the promise of regenerating dead cells, she hunts relentlessly for the man who killed her and her fiancé.

Out of the shattered remains of her previous life, Jenna is reborn at an unimaginable price. She is now an emotionless, undead monstrosity who will stop at nothing to avenge herself. 

Death's a bitch.

By: Justin Gray & Eliseu Gouvia-Zeu, with covers by Kalman Androzofsky 32 pgs, b/w, $2.95

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