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“The art team of Rearte & Pallot deliver one of the finest black & white efforts I’ve seen in a long time. If all black & white books looked like this one, I’d certainly look more favorably on the new wave of colorless books coming out these days. Rearte’s perspective, camera angles, anatomy, facial expressions and storytelling skills are all on par with the best in the business. Pallot's inks offer texture and a rich sense of depth that really makes the story jump off the page.”

lone wolf
Credit: Doug Klauba
The Lone Wolf is a thief with a code all her own:
Rule #1 = Know your ground thoroughly before venturing upon it
Rule #2 = Strike and retreat with the swift precision of a hawk
Rule #3 = Be friendless

The Lone Wolf's past comes back to blackmail her into lifting a computer program worth billions for the Omniscient Thieves Guild. They force a partner on her, a man to handle the technical know-how of the heist, and who may have a secret or two of his own. Thrown together, they must quickly trust each other and hatch a plan to pull it off!!

48 pgs, grey-scaled b/w, $4.95

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Story: Dan Jolley & Marie Croall Pencils: Gabriel Rearte Inks: Terry Pallot    Inks: Tones: Corey Greene        Cover: Doug Klauba
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Lone Wolf page 8
Credit: Gabriel Rearte, Corey Greene

Lone Wolf page 7
Credit: Gabriel Rearte, Corey Greene

JD Promo
Credit: Gabriel Rearte, Corey Greene

Lone Wolf Face

full shot of johnny
Credit: Gabriel Rearte, Corey Greene

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