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We have all kinds of prose horror fiction on the way!
Vampires:Dracula and the Undead Legions, which is
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Dracula! Vampires! The blood runs red under the moon…
Moonstone follows up its fang-favorite monster anthology, Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising, with this second installment in the Moonstone Monsters series, this time focusing on those enigmatic creatures of the night, Vampires!

Two extra-sized special Dracula stories serve to open and close this collection of ten all-new vampire tales by some of the industry’s favorite horror writers.

With stories by L.A. Banks, Elaine Bergstrom,PN Elrod, CJ Henderson, Nancy Kilpatrick, Paul Kupperberg, Bill Messner-Loebs, Martin Powell, JC Vaughn, and Dan Wickline.

Interior illustrations by Ken Wolak- and a fang-tastic cover by fan-favorite Dave Dorman, 184pgs

WEREWOLVES:Dead Moon Rising
Available Now!!!...Click here to shop!

The blood will run red in the dead of night as both horror-fiction and comic book writers alike unite to bring you an unlucky 13 chilling tales of howling horror,
just in time for Halloween.

With stories by Elaine Bergstrom, Tom DeFalco, Dave Dorman, Clay & Susan Griffith, William R. Halliar, C.J. Henderson, David Michelinie, Christopher Mills, Mike Reynolds, Beau Smith, Paul D, Storrie, Dave Ulanski, and Fred Van Lente!

Interior illustrations by Ken Wolak- and a fang-tastic cover by fan-favorite Dave Dorman,
this chilling collection of short stories is sure to keep you cringing under the covers all night long!

208pgs, squarebound,b/w, 6” x 9”, $14.95
ISBN: 1-933076-30-5, (13 digit): 978-1-933076-30-0

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