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Credits: Drew Tucker

Dark mysteries and unusual crime lurk behind every corner, from Baker Street to the West End. There's no one better, in all of Victorian England, than the Master Detective Sherlock Holmes, to sort through the sordid details.

SHERLOCK HOLMES & Kolchak the Night Stalker
3-issue mini-series!

story: Joe Gentile, art: Carlos Magno & Andy Bennett, colors: Ken Wolak,
covers: Joe Corroney, Eddy Newell, Vatche Mavlian, Dan Panosian, Paul Guinan, & Leonardo Manco!

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"The Scorned Mistress" (Sherlock Holmes Mysteries #1) contains two stories. In the first, Holmes must locate a missing girl, which takes on a desperate turn, when an odd coincidence twist a planned crime out of shape. In the second story, Watson solos in an adventure about an old love, an old photograph, and an old enemy. This story was inspired by an unpublished story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Story: Joe Gentile Art: Rich Gulik & Mike Bianco Cover: Drew Tucker --- 32 pgs, b/w, $2.95
Issue 1 Sold Out!

"Sherlock Holmes and the Clown Prince of London" At the point where deductive reasonsing ends, Sherlock Holmes' most shocking investigation begins. Urged by a Mr. Lees, a gentleman with second sight, Holmes and Watson dig deep into the case of a comely young woman found burned in her bed. What Inspector LeStrade mistakes at the open-and-shut misadventure of a sleepy smoker, our heroes correctly perceive as murder!
Story: Joe Gentile Art: Rich Gulik Cover: Drew Tucker --- 32 pgs, b/w, $2.95
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Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Trade Paperbacks:
Reprinting "Scarlet in Gaslight" and "A Case of Blind Fear" in one Volume!

In "Scarlet in Gaslight," the great detective comes face to face with the master vampire, Count Dracula. Holmes, Watson and the eccentric Dr. Van Helsing uncover the most insidious plot ever master-minded by Holmes' nemesis, Professor Moriarity.

In "A Case of Blind Fear," strange occurrences are plaguing 1895 London. The great detective is called by Scottland Yard to uncover the horror and mystery of the Invisible Man.
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Credits: Rich Gulick, Leo Hickman

Credits: Tim Seelig

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries TPB Vol.1
Reprinting "Scarlet in Gaslight"
and "A Case of Blind Fear"

in one Volume!
By: Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen
216 pages, b/w, square-bound, $18.95

Sorry, but Vol.1 is sold out!

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries TPB Vol.2
Reprinting "Return of the Devil" and "The Loch Ness Horror"
By: Martin Powell & Seppo Makinen
142 pgs, b/w $14.95

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Credits: Seppo Makinen

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