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LTD Ed HC, as well as the softcover now AVAILABLE! Click here!

To the world at large, Doc Savage is a strange, mysterious figure
of glistening bronze skin and golden eyes.
To his amazing co-adventurers-the five greatest brains ever assembled in one group-
he is a man of superhuman strength and protean genius,
whose life is dedicated to the destruction of evil-doers.
To his fans, he is the greatest adventure hero of all time, whose fantastic exploits are unequaled for hair-raising thrills, breathtaking escapes and blood curdling excitement.


Credits: Bob Larkin

Credits: Doug Klauba
Lester Dent was the genius behind the creation of the Man of Bronze.
Moonstone has NEW Doc Savage stories written by Lester Dent
that have never been seen before!
Now for the first time ever, all of the Lester Dent penned DOC radio scripts(very few were actually aired, and less than half of them have ever seen the light of day)will be published for the world to enjoy!

Available in one volume with illustrations!

The soft cover has the "paperback hero" cover by art legend Bob Larkin!
And the LIMTED EDITION HARD COVER sports a "pulp-hero" cover by Doug Klauba! The LTD book is also signed and numbered by Doug and interior artist Tom Roberts, AND has 2 exclusive EXTRA original Doc color plates: one each by Ruben Procopio and Dave Dorman!

See the Pulp Heroes Music Video!
click here:

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014