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An original 232pg graphic novel that depicts one rock band's adventures, as documentary film maker Maggie Bloom shoots the band as they record their biggest CD to date. When the lead guitarist is murdered on stage, the other band members quickly withdraw from the spotlight. Maggie tries to film some sort of conclusion to this unfinished recording session, when suddenly the surviving tall tales appear, albeit changed slightly. What called them to Graceland? Was it the King himself?
Story and Art: Dan Dougherty
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"Pick of the Month. Four stars out of four!” – Karen O’Brien/Comic Buyers Guide
"Cyclone Bill goes out of its way to secure your attention…” –Brandon Thomas/
“An involved tale…with a touch of the supernatural that is remarkably engaging.”

Click here for a cool interview with Cyclone's creator Dan Dougherty

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Thursday, April 24, 2014