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The Reign of the Super-Humans began as many tyrannical empires do—with the best intentions…

Earth’s greatest heroes fend off alien invaders, but the planet is left in ruins.
Famished and battered, the people look to their defenders to become something more.

Seizing control of all resources and institutions, a new society emerges, one governed by super-humans.
Housing is built and the hungry are fed. Schools and hospitals soon follow. For once, the victors share the spoils.

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Or have they…? In time, “normals” find themselves pushed to the bottom of the social ladder.
Once again they struggle for food and shelter, often with mutant aberrations birthed from the fallout of war. Unable to battle such tyranny alone, a fearless group of freedom fighters emerges.
From the shadows of this dark empire, the members of C.L.A.S.H. unite to overthrow their super powered oppressors and eliminate the mutant threat.

Greg Karras, Corey Hamscher, Wally Lowe
32 pgs, COLOR, $3.50
Issue #1 Available Now-!!!
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