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"Think Doc Savage or the Shadow, this is a fine, even brilliant
reminder of why I loved stories from those pulp characters.

Bored with Life? So was our man Bulldog!! Here's how he handled that. After a tour of the trenches of WWI, he heads back to London, right? He sets himself up a nice little detective agency with some of the lads from the war, but the passive gum-shoe type he ain't! He's a bit of a head-first kind of guy. When a pair of brilliant criminals hatch an insidious plan to capture a secret weapon's inventor, Bulldog jumps right in. Not that Bulldog is all brawn and no brains mind you, but these cads may not have anticipated how much guts our man is packing! The only thing that may help trip him up is a gorgeous set of eyes and the greedy she-devil who's wielding them ...

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Credits: Tim Seelig

Credits: Brett Barkley

Credits: Brett Barkley

Credits: Brett Barkley

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Story: William Messner-Loebs

Art: Brett Barkley
Cover: Tim Seelig

48 pgs, b/w, self-contained, $4.95
NOW JUST $3.95!

Credits: Brett Barkley

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