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The FIRST co-venture between MOONSTONE and CINEMAGRAPHIX is here!

Traveling salesman Hurdis Jones is an ordinary man on an uneventful trip through the Midwest,
until he gives a seriously ill hitchhiker a ride to the hospital.
That's when he starts getting pounding HEADACHES... & bizarre HALLUCINATIONS...& feeling like he's being FOLLOWED...& having BLACKOUTS...& stumbling upon all those MUTILATED BODIES....

A dedicated family man, all Hurdis Jones wants to do is make it home to his worried wife and kids.
But his journey becomes impossibly long and fraught with horror.

Because the man once known as Hurdis Jones has now become... THE NIGHT DRIVER.

96pg GN available Now!!! ... Click here to shop!

Credits:Atilla Adorjany

Credits:Christopher LaGasse
Written By: John Cork
Comic Book Adaptation by: Christopher Mills
Interior Artwork and Lettering by: Christopher LaGasse
Cover by: Attila Adorjany

Credits:Christopher LaGasse

Credits: Christopher LaGasse
a 16pg suspense thriller "teaser issue" of the color graphic novel is also available!

Credits:Christopher LaGasse

Credits: Christopher LaGasse
a 96pg original suspense thriller color graphic novel!

Credits:Christopher LaGasse

Credits: Christopher LaGasse

Credits:Christopher LaGasse

click the logo for more info on Cinemagraphix!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014