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Captain Midnight is "Red" Albright, head of the Secret Squadron, and takes on covert/black ops missions for the United States government. He is an exceptionally skilled pilot and world-renowned inventor/aviation engineer.

The Secret Squadron is an independent organization, with a huge, private air force and a network of undercover agents all over the world.

He risks everything. He takes every chance. Saboteurs beware, for when the clock strikes 12, it tolls for thee!

So, remember for those of you at home reading his harrowing adventures,
he is Captain are not!

captain midnight
Concept sketch by Rich Clark
Moonstone will be producing ALL NEW tales of CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, including an anthology of new prose stories, and color comics (by Christopher Mills and Rich Clark)!
Be on the lookout for AIRFIGHTERS #1 in Jan '10 for Captan Midnight's first Moonstone appearance!

Anthology authors to include: Max Allan Collins, Tom DeFalco, Win Scott Eckert, Joe Gentile, Bob Greenberger, Howard Hopkins, Robert Jeschonek, Mark Justice, Tim Lasiuta, Steve Mertz, Christopher Mills, Martin Powell, & Trina Robbins.

Art: Rick Hoberg

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